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Greater mycorrhizal colonization of kin compared to non-kin as well as greater donor total leaf area, volume and stem length also suggest kin selection, although not consistently in all experiments. “Dr. However, the preference of western hemlock for CWD is still not completely understood. Verified email at - Homepage. UBC Faculty of Forestry. Douglas-fir families differed in their tendency to transfer carbon and nitrogen to kin. At the forest stand scale, Rhizopogon spp. Ectomycorrhizal fungi that can form mycorrhizal networks were found on all seedlings. Search. Though diversity was similar, ectomycorrhizal and saprophytic fungal community composition significantly differed between CH and HA forests; arbuscular mycorrhizae were widespread in CH forests, but rare in HA forests. Suzanne Simard est professeure d'écologie forestière et enseigne à l'Université de la Colombie-Britannique.. Elle est biologiste et a testé des théories sur la manière dont les arbres communiquent entre eux. My objectives were 1) to asses the role of mycorrhizal networks (MN) in plant-plant interactions; 2) to determine the effects of warming and fertilization on the ectomycorrhizal (ECM) community of Betula nana; 3) to determine the effect of warming on soil fungi and bacteria over time; 4) to assess the role of the mycorrhizal symbiosis in C-allocation to rhizosphere organisms. Molecules potentially involved in defense signaling were identified using liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectroscopy. Research Highlights. Accounting for these phenomena in forest management could be helpful to successful regeneration of interior Douglas-fir forests as stresses associated with climate change increase.View record, Research TopicMethods for promoting recovery of the soil food web in mine reclamation, Member of G+PSView explanation of statuses. Her research focuses on the complexity and interconnectedness of nature and is guided by her deep connection to the land and her time spent amongst the trees. UBC Search. Results indicate the complexity of these systems, and further work is needed to better characterize defense signal transfer via ectomycorrhizal networks. This body of work proposes a specific approach to studying resilience and applied it to Interior Cedar-Hemlock (ICH), Sub-Boreal Spruce (SBS) and Engelmann Spruce-Subalpine Fir (ESSF) forests extending across central British Columbia, Canada. Mission Statement . It’s communication. I investigated the defense pathways involved in defense-related signal transfer in ectomycorrhizal systems. Mycorrhization greatly influenced productivity of western redcedar seedlings; without mycorrhizal inoculum, redcedar did not achieve its full growth potential in HA clearcuts. Mycorrhization of western hemlock seedlings did not differ between forest clearcut type or treatment group; however, an inhibitory effect of forest floor collected under mature western redcedar trees on the growth of western hemlock seedlings was unexpectedly detected. Elle a notamment utilisé le carbone radioactif pour mesurer le flux et le partage du carbone entre les arbres et les espèces. Significantly more carbon was transferred to kin than strangers, and through the mycorrhizal network than when the mycorrhizal network was blocked. anthropology, economics, human geography, political science, sociology) and associated analytics for understanding the diverse ways that humans value and interact with non-human nature. TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: "A forest is much more than what you see," says ecologist Suzanne Simard. My objectives were (1) to determine the effects of regional climate (represented by a drought index) on EM network facilitation of Douglas-fir seedling establishment; (2) to separate genotypic effects from climatic effects; (3) to compare the importance of EM networks to 3-year-old outplanted nursery seedlings versus 1st year seedlings germinated in the field; (4) to parse the competitive from facilitative effects of residual Douglas-fir trees on small seedlings; and (5) to determine the interaction between soil water and [CO₂], in their effects on EM network-facilitated seedling establishment and C-transfer between different sized Douglas-fir seedlings. This line of inquiry will be particularly important to better manage existing forests and to ensure that well-adapted forest tree populations are regenerated in the future.View record, Mycorrhizal networks create pathways for movement of resources and information molecules belowground. We used DNA metabarcoding targeting the fungal internal transcribed spacer (ITS) marker and the bacterial 16S rRNA gene to decipher the microbiomes. This together with size asymmetries among different genets and trees resulted in the self-organization of complex, hierarchical scale-free MN architectures. Decreasing the soil inoculum potential, while decreasing overall performance, increased the kin response. This study is a long-term analysis of two field experiments established in 1992 in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada, where I sought to gain insight into the outcomes and mechanisms of interspecific interactions in mixtures of broadleaves and conifers. Title. This led me to conclude that: 1) light availability had the largest influence on juvenile tree growth; 2) Delta-13C was the second most important growth predictor; 3) tree size also improved growth predictions; 4) soil moisture was a weak growth predictor; 5) foliar N levels did not improve growth predictions; and 6) density, as expressed as stems/ha, improved growth predictions negligibly. My study shows that regeneration potential of interior Douglas-fir is severely limited by the very dry, hot climate in the low elevation IDF forests, but can be increased in wetter, cooler climates with forest harvesting practices that create moderately sized canopy gaps.View record, The majority of terrestrial plants associate with fungi in symbiotic resource-exchange relationships called mycorrhizae. Her research focuses on the complexity and interconnectedness of nature and is guided by her deep connection to the land and her time spent amongst the trees. Dr. Suzanne Simard is a Professor of Forest Ecology at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the leader of The Mother Tree Project. But forest ecologist Suzanne Simard says it’s not that simple; organisms living below ground will play a large role in whether or not trees can settle in new regions. Her 30 years of research in Canadian forests have led to an astounding discovery -- trees talk, often and over vast distances. glauca) performance and adaptive traits (2020), The effects of stumping and tree species composition on the soil microbial community in the interior cedar-hemlock zone, British Columbia (2020), Going underground: patterns of fine-root and mycorrhizal fungal trait variation across a biogeographic gradient in western Canada (2019), Kin-selected signal transfer through mycorrhizal networks in Douglas-fir (2017), Mycorrhizal fungi: unlocking their ecology and role in the establishment and performance of different conifer species in nutrient-poor coastal forests (2016), Vascular Plant Response to Slashburning and Clearcutting in Central British Columbia: A 20 Year Study of Plant Functional Type Resilience (2014), Juvenile growth of subalpine fir (Abies Iasiocarpa) in the Montane Spruce ecological zone of British Columbia Canada (2013), The complex socio-spatial architecture of Rhizopogon spp. Faculty of Forestry. The broader experiment examined interactions within mixed stands of Douglas-fir and paper birch in an extensive response surface design, while a second experiment isolated rooting areas of individual trees within two density pairings embedded in the larger experiment. Last updated: October 1, 2020 @12:30 pm Access to mycorrhizal networks had minor effects on mycorrhizal colonization and water use efficiency. could influence interior Douglas-fir stand dynamics and resistance to water stress.View record, The McLure fire of August, 2003, affected over 26,000 hectares in the interior of British Columbia. Seedlings regenerating in the burn treatments had the lowest ectomycorrhizal colonization in the first growing season but all seedlings in all treatments were colonized by the start of the second growing season. This study examined the socio-spatial architecture of MNs between Rhizopogon spp. Forest Ecology and Silvics BSF (’83) Brit Col, MS (’89), PhD (’95) Oregon. Few studies have investigated belowground dynamics related to western hemlock growing on decayed wood, specifically ectomycorrhizal (EM) associations and the potential access to a mycorrhizal network (MN). I haven't rated … Soil microbes are central to the C balance of ecosystems as decomposers of soil organic matter and as determinants of plant diversity. We conclude that preferential carbon transfer through mycorrhizal networks occurs between kin in Douglas-fir and is amplified by herbivory stress. Photo : Radio-Canada / Camille Vernet In chapter 2 of this dissertation, I examined the effects of light, moisture, nutrients and neighbor density on juvenile subalpine fir growth. Mycorrhizal networks and carbon transfer occurred within all greenhouse seedling pairs, and enhanced mycorrhization of kin suggests network colonization was involved in kin selection, but our data does not strongly support our hypothesis that kin recognition was facilitated by mycorrhizal networks. I also found that at the highest density class, there were no differences in juvenile radial growth between the two neighbor strata. Dr. Suzanne Simard Project Leader. Previous studies have provided evidence for both of these processes occurring in interior Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii var. Suzanne Simard. But, just as with Lynn Margulis and her Her scientific interests during her time at UBC’s Faculty of Forestry were focused on kin recognition/ selection in interior Douglas-fir and the role mycorrhizal networks play in that interaction. No alternative ectomycorrhizal host species were detected. View Suzanne Simard's business profile as Professor (Tenure) at The University of British Columbia. She discovered that trees use complex, symbiotic underground networks to communicate and share resources, uprooting the idea that nature constantly competes for survival. No MN structural differences were found between phytocentric and mycocentric models or between xeric versus mesic plots. The highest biomass accumulation and foliar nitrogen content occurred in the high severity burn and were associated with the lowest levels of mycorrhizal colonization and diversity. Kin recognition, mycorrhizal networks, or the combination of the two may be important mechanisms for enhanced seedling establishment in these regions. I found that site series did have an influence on the growth and development of the stand, as would be expected, which suggests that incorporating site quality into SORTIE-ND would improve growth and yield predictions.View record, Mycorrhizal networks (MNs) can influence tree establishment and resource competition but little is known regarding their underlying architecture in situ. Elle a notamment utilisé le carbone radioactif pour mesurer le flux et le partage du carbone entre les arbres et les espèces. As a consequence, trait-based plant ecology, which has mostly focused on above-ground traits, is increasingly placing the emphasis below-ground.To improve our functional understanding of fine roots, we first quantified root morphological, chemical and architectural trait variation in interior Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii var. Cited by. SUNDERLAND, Terry. In the field, survivorship was greater among non-kin; however, detection of kin recognition may have been masked by the large effects of site and seed origin on germination and survival. Recent Research Highlights. Ecology Forestry Mycorrhizae Mycorrhizal Networks Silviculture. Positive expression of both genes across donors and receivers and pervasive presence of spider mites suggested signal transfer may either have not occurred or been masked by already ongoing defensive responses.

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